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         Welcome.  This is the web site for The Art of War (Shambhala 2001), the Denma Translation Group’s translation of the Sun Tzu. We hope this space will provide you with resources to further your study of our publication and to deepen your understanding of The Art of War. 

          We are pleased to announce that two editions of The Art of War: The Denma Translation are currently available: The trade paperback edition ($12.95) and the very handsome hardcover Shambhala Library edition ($16.95).  The total combined number in print is now close to 100,000 copies.       

"A new standard has been set. The Denma Group's Sun Tzu rendering shows extraordinary accuracy....In addition to the translation, this book has the finest essays analyzing the many Art of War concepts. Not stopping there, the authors then skillfully explained each and every passage of Sun Tzu.", the leading Sun Tzu web site.

“An exhilarating experience. The principles of translation are among the best I have ever encountered. They have a collective genius..."—Victor H. Mair, Professor, Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Pennsylvania.

 “[This translation] most closely resonates with the professional experience of senior military officers regarding tactics and doctrine.”
—Andrew R. Wilson, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Strategy and Policy, United States Naval War College.

“The Denma group show us how to apply Sun Tzu’s wisdom in everyday situations.”
— James A. Autry, co-author of Real Wisdom: Business Lessons from the Tao Te Ching.

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The Art of War : The Denma Translation by Sun Tzu
Translation, essays & commentary by the Denma Translation Group
Paperback edition (
ISBN: 1-57062-904-8) $12.95
Shambhala Library edition-hardcover (ISBN 1-57062-978-1) $16.95

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